A Note on Moving Body Parts

I was looking around on the net for television series and ended up on various sites, among which 123video.nl which turned out to have an adult section. For free...

Actually, I am amazed. Pr0n has always been around as long as I used computers, it often came with illegal software. From the age of 12, when I had a C64, I remember having a tape where somewhere on that tape among the programs some pictures were stashed where in some 160x200 pixels a naked woman could be discovered.

Later, during my studies, we had free access to Usenet, which a friend of mine used to download images which he would then trade with some guy for software (one disk of pr0n equalled one disk of software). I remember him carrying stacks of up to 200 floppy disks.

After that, with the rise of the Web and peer-to-peer networks, pr0n and other content became ubiquitous for technically inclined people, or those with a credit card.

But still, there was always at least one hurdle to take: You needed to know some secret ftp number, an irc channel, a Usenet group, a mail list, some page on some website or some obscure p2p software. (I still remember some Sophia Antopolis ftp server on port 3333 stuffed with software.)

And now, I only internetted for half an hour and discovered 123video.nl, booble.com, m90.com and, even, pornotube.com? (OK, the last didn't work). And apart from an occasional extra click, it is all easily accessible.

For better or worse, the coming generation will grow up with a lot of adult material.