Rare Jon 'maddog' Hall Video Speech Excerpt

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Ok, I am just jealous of his beard ;-).


Top Quality Type Error Messages

This is a very readable phd-thesis on a practical approach to typing: "Top Quality Type Error Messages" by Bastiaan Heeren, 2005. The ideas in it now form the basis for my Hi language.

2008 Turing Award Winners

Hey, I know these people ;-).

The Association for Computing Machinery has announced the 2008 Turing Award Winners. Edmund M. Clarke, Allen Emerson, and Joseph Sifakis received the award for their work on an automated method for finding design errors in computer hardware and software.

"Model Checking is a type of "formal verification" that analyzes the logic underlying a design, much as a mathematician uses a proof to determine that a theorem is correct. Far from hit or miss, Model Checking considers every possible state of a hardware or software design and determines if it is consistent with the designer's specifications. Clarke and Emerson originated the idea of Model Checking at Harvard in 1981. They developed a theoretical technique for determining whether an abstract model of a hardware or software design satisfies a formal specification, given as a formula in Temporal Logic, a notation for describing possible sequences of events. Moreover, when the system fails the specification, it could identify a counterexample to show the source of the problem. Numerous model checking systems have been implemented, such as Spin at Bell Labs."