Shut up, fool.

The envy of B.A. Baracus, as used in Libya, a bulldozer remodeled for a civil war's need.


High School Guitar Blues

In a weird twist of fate, in high school, I ended up playing bass with some conservatorium 'Santana' with perfect hearing (playing guitar here)

and some other price-winning 'gent' (playing guitar here)

I did my best to make the first tone deaf and make the second lose his sense of rythm.

Somehow, it still takes some of the fun out of playing guitar when you know that they both play about nine orders better.


Only in America

Protesters are paid, and some form of light-weight socialism is libertarianism. The Fox eats the hens.


Apollo 11 US Customs

What do you expect when you fly to the moon and back? "Sorry, sir. But, uhm, you know about all these rocks you fine lads all brought back? Can you sign off on the paper?"




Look Anywhere


Experimental Music from Short Programs

The fact that these oneliners are even close to music is far beyond amazing.

A nice way to doodle, like me, is here.