Bit of a Language

It seems ages now, actually, it is, since I started on my programming language.

The current status is that:
  • The lexical analyzer is finished.

  • The parser is finished.

  • Simple combinator library for pretty-printing.

  • Variables are identified/bound to their declarations.

  • Top-level types are kind-checked.

  • Rudimentary support for the gathering of type constraints.

  • Rudimentary typechecking.

  • Rudimentary interpreter.

  • I started on a C runtime system.

For the type checker I am aiming at some hybrid between "Recursive Subtyping Revealed", "Typing Haskell in Haskell", and "Generalizing Hindley-Milner Type Inference Algorithms".

I am lazy too. This looks a lot like what I am doing, so maybe I can borrow this stuff: "Ruler: Programming Type Rules" or "Typing Haskell with an Attribute Grammar (Part I)."

God, the last two papers don't handle type classes. So now I am reading "Modelling Scoped Instances with Constraint Handling Rules."

Where 2.0

Forget about Web 2.0, the future of the web is in its applications, so where are you?


Reminder to Self

Get a ticket for Badly Drawn Boy.

Pedantic bits at Badly Drawn Boy [Wikipedia]


Web 2.0

Stop the Clash of Civilizations

Internet, the great pacifier? Let's hope so.

Sign the petition at Avaaz.org.

Btw: Music by Dj Spooky, also That Subliminal Kid [Wikipedia]

Bikini Jeans

The latest trend in Japan and Brazil.

My oldest daughter's response: "Funny!".

Freunde, das Leben ist Lebenswert

I was on a party yesterday, part of the decoration was the album cover of Rudolf Shock's "Freunde, das Leben ist Lebenswert." I will post it here if I find it.



I looked at my blog, and, yes, I didn't write about relationships yet. Well, according to Bloginality I am an INTJ or
INFJ and went from an ENFP to an ENTP.

There, I said it all.

Quintron & Miss Pussycat

I loved the concert by these performers:

My kids love the DVD ;-)

More at Mr. Quintron [Wikipedia]

The Suzuki Method for non-Violinists a.k.a. Software Engineers

The Suzuki Method (スズキ・メソード) is an educational philosophy for building “high ability” talented people on the presumption that all abilities are developed trough the right circumstances or environment. I like the approach – Yeah, yeah. I am a hopelessness romantic – and thought it would be a good experiment to apply the guidelines as listed by Wikipedia to programming.

  • Saturation in the computer engineering community, including attendance at local conferences, exposure to and friendship with other IT students, and reading of programs performed by "guru’s" (professional programmers of high caliber) in the home every day.
  • Deliberate avoidance of aptitude tests or "assessments" to study programming.
  • Emphasis on playing from a very young age, sometimes beginning formal instruction between the ages of 13 and 15 years old.
  • Using well-trained teachers.
  • In the beginning, programming by trial is emphasized over algorithm design. This parallels language acquisition, where a child learns to speak before learning to read. Related to this, memorization of all solo repertoire is expected, even after a student begins to use programming books as a tool to learn new technology.
  • The method also encourages, in addition to individual playing, regular software engineering in groups (including pair programming).
  • Retaining and reviewing every program ever written on a regular basis, in order to raise technical and organisational ability.
  • Frequent public performance, so that performing is natural and enjoyable.
  • The method discourages competitive attitudes between engineers, and advocates collaboration and mutual encouragement for those of every ability and level.

Additional bits at: "The Suzuki Music Academy" [suzukimusicacademy.com] and The Suzuki Method [Wikipedia]

A Note on Moving Body Parts

I was looking around on the net for television series and ended up on various sites, among which 123video.nl which turned out to have an adult section. For free...

Actually, I am amazed. Pr0n has always been around as long as I used computers, it often came with illegal software. From the age of 12, when I had a C64, I remember having a tape where somewhere on that tape among the programs some pictures were stashed where in some 160x200 pixels a naked woman could be discovered.

Later, during my studies, we had free access to Usenet, which a friend of mine used to download images which he would then trade with some guy for software (one disk of pr0n equalled one disk of software). I remember him carrying stacks of up to 200 floppy disks.

After that, with the rise of the Web and peer-to-peer networks, pr0n and other content became ubiquitous for technically inclined people, or those with a credit card.

But still, there was always at least one hurdle to take: You needed to know some secret ftp number, an irc channel, a Usenet group, a mail list, some page on some website or some obscure p2p software. (I still remember some Sophia Antopolis ftp server on port 3333 stuffed with software.)

And now, I only internetted for half an hour and discovered 123video.nl, booble.com, m90.com and, even, pornotube.com? (OK, the last didn't work). And apart from an occasional extra click, it is all easily accessible.

For better or worse, the coming generation will grow up with a lot of adult material.


Historia and Tale of Doctor Johannes Faustus

Why read Fukuyama when one can go back to the source?

His days ran out like the sand in an hourglass, and when only one month remained of the twenty-four years which he had contracted of the Devil (as ye have read) Doctor Faustus became fainthearted, depressed, deeply melancholic, like unto an imprisoned murderer and highwayman over whose head the sentence hath been pronounced and who now in the dungeon awaiteth punishment and death. Filled with fear, he sobbed and held conversations with himself, accompanying such speeches with many gestures of his hands. He did moan and sigh and fall away from flesh. He kept himself close and could not abide to have the spirit about him.

See also: Faust [Wikipedia] The Faust Book [lettersfromthedustbowl.com]

The End of History and the Last Man

Reading this book, now.

File under: Francis Fukuyama [Wikipedia], also see: All too Human [inthesetimes.com].

Party People!

I am there, somewhere...

Uhuh, nothing to see, move on...

Tha 666 Logo

A sketch/start of my 666 logo.

The logo is build of three sixes, the sixes form a graphic stylized digital circuit of the smallest tautology in the one operator boolean base {nand}, which is one of the two smallest boolean bases: the term x(xx) (operator implicit).

A tautology is a term which is valid for all assignments of propositional variables. The logo stands for "the truth."


Bois Sec & Canray

You like Zydeco? Here's some for ya'.

Ping Tunnel

I am looking at manners in which my student could use their laptops as an ad-hoc wireless network. I need raw sockets so I can program directly on the link layer, so I guess libpcap or winpcap will do. It is also rumored that even Linux under VMWare is able to directly address the network interface, even if Windows XP should disallow it.

Anyway, I stumbled on Ping Tunnel, which should contain all code to do raw socket programming.

Andrew Bird

I saw God yesterday in the music of Andrew Bird [Wikipedia].

I now want to buy all his CDs and spend my life bringing him coffee in the morning.

Andrew Bird & Martin Dosh - "Simple X" - Live at Bonnaroo [YouTube]


Mies van der Rohe awards 2007

Mies van der Rohe [Wikipedia] award winner "Luis Asín, MUSAC - Museo de arte contemporáneo de Castilla y León."


Sweet Home BioFuel (.com)

I find this marvelous, some guy/company who sells biofuel kits so you can create your own fuel out of out you own kitchen rest products. And that for acclaimed $0.70 a galleon, or Euro 0,14 per litre.

Go see the video.

Almost me...

I added a picture...

EE C7 DC CE C3 78 96 A0 CA 0B D1 B0 7D 30 9B 1C

I got a lust for bits. Now I got some brand new ones, which I officially own (!), courtesy of freedom to tinker.

Photos from Iceland

I encountered this site with this blog when looking for the right style for my blog. Funny thing, must have seen her photos a dozen of times or more on the net. Great to go back to the source now.

[Hey, it actually wasn't the girl I was looking at! But she's cute though ;-).]

Gosh, I got bored with choosing colors and stuff, thus decided to go with one of the more boring styles.

So, in English

So, I decided that this would now become an all-english blog, for no other apperant reason that this is my preferred manner of communicating with my computer. In that respect, I guess I should also post a profile.

Hmm, I'm redecorating this blog _now_.


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