Fly Equilibrium

So, I had a fly swarm in my house. Must have a lot to do with being in the midst of horses country in the Netherlands. I killed the swarm, body count of about thirty within a few hours and now keep my windows closed. But I keep stuck with in an equilibrium of two/three flies even if I kill those each day? Is there another fly-entrance to my house I don't know of?



Apple Trackpad

The Apple trackpad is here. I've blogged on this before. I think for a lot of day-to-day use, window applications are on their way out, since gesturing is in, and that just doesn't go well with pixel based point-and-click.

I don't think it's a mousepad replacement though, are we at the end? If I see how I use my MacBook pro, I now often grab a mouse, but that could be the windows interface I am looking at. It's both comfortable -if you can use only the mouse to, say, surf the web- and uncomfortable -if you find yourself switching between keyboard and mouse a lot; gesturing stuff just goes nicer-.

Windows? If I want to play a first-person shooter, I prefer Quake.


DefCon Ninja Party Badge

This alone make it worth going there.


Andy and Edie


Runnin' (Dying To Live) - 2Pac (feat. Notorious B.I.G)

Going through some old CDs. Best musical shunt in hip-hop.

Storage Solutions?

I have a few hundred, maybe a thousand, mostly electronic music CDs back at my dad's place, and a few hundred DVDs. What to do with them? I just want to put them into a few ordners, like take the paper out and put them into a plastic cover?



The semantic web was bought by Google.

Rigid-Body Fracture Sound (ACM SIGGRAPH 2010)

What part is computer, and what is real?


Bored with Stuff

I agree.


Cigarette Routing

Classical example of a slow packet-switching network between Grafwegen and Nijmegen.