Eriks SunSPOT Adventures

We are using the TinyNodes from ShockFish in our curriculum, which are excellent. This new platform from Sun really is beautiful though.

Short informal battle list, some figures are guessed.

Power Consumptionvery low, 20mA, 6microA100 mA, 32 microA
LanguageNesCJava (not realtime)
Ledsred (red, yellow, green)8 tri-color LEDs
Poweradapter or two AAs3.7V rechargeable, 750 mAh, USB
Light Sensoryesyes
Accelero Meterno3-axis
Temperature Sensoryesyes
SimulatorMatureUnder Development
PricingEuro 600,-to be announced

A cool and fun device, maybe not particularly well-suited for embedded extremely low-power applications, but damned ... cool and fun.

Why do they need all that memory?