Idiot Country

On the news, I saw a work-shop for people of NXP who were giving job-interview trainings being layed off because of the recession. These 'challenged' technicians should be 'helped' since they have 'poor' presentation qualities. A number of them didn't want to appear on the screen, which the interviewer explained as 'shame' for having lost their job.

The truth: NXP has bought Philips and people are being layed off because Asian technicians develop chips cheaper. The recession is just an excuse. I estimate that those 'challenged' technicians were probably responsible for generating tens of million, if not hundreds of million, of revenue. They don't need 'help,' they are just being thrown out with the garbage, and these 'poor' people don't want to appear on the screen because they are pissed-off. And, of course, in a normal Dutch manner, they are presented as idiots by a person whose best contribution to our society is that he is able to produce noise nobody is interested in.