All A Dem A Do

Today, with lyrics

All A Dem A Do

all a dem a do, all a dem a try
but them can't stop I
cos me blessed by the most high
all a dem a do, all a dem a try
but them can't stop I
cos me blessed by the most high


evolve as a man as i unravel the deepness
examine the evidence, decipher the secrets
come give me the realness, time to let go the weakness
dangerous systems inocent victims
vote for peace cum mek we chant down the killing
cah when me cum me nah go run me a defend
yes me a defend an me nah apprehend
time to open up let go an venture
nah defend a love with a hidden agenda
for soul takes time say never surrender
only you can defend ya
tired are the eyes that suffer with blinkers
peace to the far eye an you the thinkers
belief is golden an love is sacred
an war is so naked



time to open up, let go stop doubting
if there's a qualm, then go tell it to the mountain
time to open up, time to keep a focus
beware of the bogus
for hate is a tool, enforced by the fool,
but love will conquer, stand up on a rule
know your roots and the truths and rights will come
never give up don't run
long time now me a talk on di riddim
chatter one talk with enough lyricsm
tell you fi di sound jah jah know me can't done
any time me come, the mike must haffi burn
on and on and on as we flex
grab for the pen, and watch the lyrics manifest
tell you fi di sound we no under fi no stress
in a north, south, east and don't foerget the west
chat 'pon the microphone me no trouble no one
hitch upon the riddem like a any gorgon
field marshall and me dont partial
topical a topical, a crucial a crucial
what a slam bam, we come fi tear down england
dep 'pon, dep 'pon, dep 'pon, a style and pattern
hold up hand your a me say hold up your hand


"All a dem a do, all a dem a try" is Nigerian pidgin English, or Jamaican English. Nigerian comment: "is bad words, a saying."