What about Now?

This is just a funny post, for, erm, well, fun, really.

Time has a past, a present and a future. And, for some reason, time is fixed. Westerners fix it around the presumed birth date of a guy, Chinese are not really sure, but time surely started with the reign of an emperor, and Arabs are sure time started when some guy took his holidays very serious sometime ago.

I say, we get rid of all the prejudice and start a calendar which starts time at, well, now. Just imagine how convenient it'll be. Make an appointment two weeks from now, just look ahead two weeks in your calendar, rip out a page each day. Or, your favorite birthday of your pet dog, well just three months and fifteen days from your own birthdate.

The good thing, no computer ever needs to synchronize anything anymore, since everything is relative to now, which is well, just now, at this exact moment in time.

Sure, historians might not like it, but hey, it's surely fixable.

Lets face it. The fact is that stuff happens now, not yesterday, and surely not tomorrow.