No News

I've been posting about the WikiLeaks soap a bit, also to see what I personally think about it. If you take down all rhetorics, the whole enchilada boils down to:

"Diplomats, and government institutions, overestimate their own importance."

We all know the game and the players. The general public is not stupid, and shouldn't be sheep-herded into dumb flocks. The strikingly simple reaction by the Russian government was the correct one: "We don't care, and will just ignore whatever is leaked." They have their own problems and the dealings of the US government are just well-known by the players even if never stated publicly until now. What probably will be found in the US cables is the extension of a nationalistic company-interests-driven policy. At worst, it will cause some embarrassment. Where's the news exactly?

The question is what the US will do in response. More secrecy, or more transparency? As a citizen of this world, I'ld hope for more transparency. There are just not that many interesting secrets a government can, or should, hold.