PINA - Wim Wenders

I am so excited and full of expectation about this 3D film. Strange, since I rarely go to dance events but usually enjoy them. Stranger even, since I am not that big on 3D. Most movies are about the visual and intellectual narrative, that third extra dimension usually doesn't seem to add that much to the story. Though sometimes I wonder if they already found the vocabulary of third dimensional stylistic elements.

Unexpectedly, so far, I found that 3D adds the most to sports if anything. I mean, if you have that perfectly passed, handled, and placed goal you just crave to see that skill in 3D. As often as possible. And from all angles, thank you! I am not that big a sports fan but I would rather buy a 3D enabled television for that experience than for the current 3D gimmicky movies.

But now dance... I cannot phantom another three dimensional art form which matches 3D movies that well and which should be able to amplify the best of both experiences in truly novel manners. So, I am very thrilled to go and see this movie by Wim Wenders. I don't expect a lot of new stylistic elements, but this could be a match made in heaven.