A cure for the educational crisis

Seven historical waves of good ideas:

  1. Alcuin of York and the Seven Liberal Arts (800 A.D.).

  2. From Anselm to Aquinas: the Medieval university and the search for truth (1100–1400).

  3. From Petrarch to Castiglione: the Renaissance project: A classical education to prepare the Christian gentleman for leadership in government, society, and culture (1350–1520).

  4. The Reformation educational program (1530–1650).

  5. Private and parochial schools (17th--20th century).

  6. Noah Webster, William McGuffey, Horace Mann, and public education (19th century).
  7. Home schooling, Christian academies, Bible colleges, the Great Books movement, and the revival of Christian philosophy (Twentieth Century).

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