On the Most Vulgar of all Sciences

So, I am thinking of studying again, and I am thinking of philosophy. Which, of course, 2nd thought, must be a bad idea.

So, ten reasons not to study philosophy, David Letterman style:

10. They actually never ever tried to count all those angels.
9. The only virtuous philosopher was Nietzsche, and he was little understood.
8. Philosophy can explain all – it is the science of the middle-ground.
7. Only the vain would choose to study the only study without application.
6. It is the only science which is not defined by its scholars.
5. Only a philosopher thinks vulgar means common.
4. Becoming a philosopher is one step before going to the shrink.
3. Philosophy only borrows from the other sciences, and is bad at that.
2. Morality is only understood by the immoral.


1. Those who seek knowledge have lost it.

Oh yeah, extra:

0. You end up on kuro5hin anyway.