Humanitarian Scientific Achievement Award

Burnham Institute for Medical Research
Professor Yu Yamaguchi, M.D., Ph.D., was recently awarded The Humanitarian Scientific Achievement Award by the MHE Research Foundation. The focus of the foundation is to find a cure for Multiple Hereditary Exostoses, a rare genetic bone disorder. The disorder causes people to grow exostoses (bone tumors) on their bones. MHE patients can also suffer from non-skeletal medical issues including mental and neurological issues.

  1. Mild social interaction deficits (excessive shyness, adherence to routines)

  2. Heightened sensitivities to sensory stimulation (sounds, touch, taste)

  3. Difficulties to concentrate

  4. Muscle weakness (easy to get tired)

  5. Reduced levels of fear/anxiety (well, just in mice, that is)

He believes these symptoms can be explained by the deficiency of heparan sulfate in nerve and muscle cells.

Also of interest, HSV immune sog9 cells?