SML# Project

SML# is a new SML dialect developed by Atsushi Ohori (among others). It extends SML with a number of constructs and uses the MLton runtime system.

From their site:

SML# supports the following practically important new features:

  • Seamless Interoperablility with C

  • Record polymorphism

  • Rank1 polymorphism

SML# is carefully designed so that

  • it is a conservative extension of Standard ML: SML# compiler compiles any program that conforms to the Definition of Standard ML.

  • it supports the Basis Library.

Currently, SML# (0.20 release version) is available in the following forms.

  • source package (that can be build on linux, solaris, cygwin)

  • Mac OS Intel/PowerPC universal binary package

  • Windows binary installer