How My Private Personal Journal Became a Bestseller

The story of fourteen-year-old Jamie Bartlett, a girl who writes her journal in story form on her laptop. By accident, she turns her journal in for her Creative Writing assignment, and it ends up becoming a bestseller.

She enjoys all the fame and fortune, she neglects spending time with her real friends, and hangs out with the rude popular girl, and dates the "cutest guy in school", Marco.

This book was made into a movie 'Read it and Weep' for the Disney Channel.

Of course, apart from being the cutest guy in school, I liked the authors name: Julia DeVillers. The word Villers is a french toponyme - a word which refers to a place. It is derived from the Latin word villarem, referring to villas or country mansions; etymological the word is similar to the English word village. Country estates were often given to Roman subjects as gifts or as pensions to higher-ranked soldiers.

As time progressed, these mansions grew to small townships, and the meaning became somewhat equivalent to a place which is at least larger than a hamlet but smaller than a city. There are a few hundred places in France named like this, such as Villers-devant-le-Thour, a village in front of the place 'Le Thour'. Similar spellings exist in most former Roman countries like viller, villar, villiers.

In some places, a viller or a villar, became to refer to a place where a local community would gather for their events. Usually, a large flat open space among hills, or an open clearing in a forest.

Often, people referred to those places with just the shorthand form 'Villers,' two communes remain in France which are just called that.

The French name Devillers is just the concatenation of 'de' and 'villers,' meaning someone who stems from a place, which once was a village or clearing, with the toponyme 'Villers'.

I am Dutch, I was told that my great-great-great-grandfather was a somewhat wealthy road building contractor who came with the occupational forces of Napolean to the Netherlands and remained behind. Then again, it wouldn't surprise me if the poor guy just layed bricks, who knows?