I am writing a compiler. But to some extend, a compiler writes itself. It just needs someone to do the monkey business of typing it in, which is me. It really is an abusive relation. So, if I am clear, I write and meantime just end up thinking about circuit minimization.

A circuit consists of terms, a term describes a combination of a number of state spaces -at least, that is how I like to think about it,- and a state space describes an exponential number of states. So, the only thing interesting are the terms. What to do?

Again some silly idea: At every point insert a new term by using that E=ite(x, E, E) and rewrite part of the term below it. Which means, you got N points to insert one of the terms below it, do some minimization, and see if the term shrinks. Or just rewrite and take the minimal term. If P!=NP, it can't shrink, of course, because that would lead to a deterministic algorithm. It has prohibitive complexity, and you might end up just factoring out states one by one, but still, interesting. Yeah, I know, a definite 5+ on the Richter scale of weirdoness.

Anyway, if anyone reads this blog and isn't interested in boring stuff, the picture shows a light storage device. It collects light at day, emits it at night. I want one!

Gotta get me one of these...