From Bell's Inequalities to Entangled Qubits: A New Quantum Age?

Also of interest, Anton Zeilinger, Experiment and the Foundations of Quantum Physics, Institute of Experimental Physics, University of Vienna. His holidays in the Canaries are interesting too. What happened to the Dopfer experiment?

Guess non-locality but no non-causility, how improbable.

011410: Oh great, its all an illusion: http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/arxiv/pdf/0904/0904.4259v2.pdf. Seems Bell didn't get his types/dimensions right. Ouch, if there's no collapse, there's no quantum computer, just probability? Might boil down to 'interference=parallelism.' Sigh, if you live on a line, its pretty difficult to observe a circle.

011410: I am with Joy Christian on this one. Either there's entanglement, and you can send information, or entanglement is an illusion created by observing 'higher-dimensional' objects. And since physicists are now working around the the fact that there's no information being send, its Joy's view.

011510: Read a bit more; come to think of it, if the two slit experiment showed anything, then its that the particle interpretation is an illusion too, same for the only wave interpretation, so Christian might be wrong here. So what do do we have, traveling potential/wave/vibration? Then again, I cannot hope to understand this. (Looking at some weird science by Cramer, seems like the observer is placed at the wrong site, I expected you want to catch it after the double slit? Which doesn't make sense also. Same holds for Dopfer, if anything, I would have expected her to have proven quantum theory wrong in its prediction in this particular case.)

011510: Rediscovering string theory without a physics degree and some high-school background is a bit too much for a day, back to compilers.

011510: Great conclusion for the end of the day, put into extremes: Bell is an idiot, I don't see how Christian can explain the two slit experiment, Dopfer probably cheated -or she measured something which is really wrongly interpretated,- and Cramer shouldn't do science. Then again, there's a good chance I don't understand anything and we're calling Andromeda next year.

Just catching up. Ultimately, a 'Phone to God?' That is, the future? Unlikely, QM is flawed.