Why can't we call the Future?

I build a machine which sends a bit one second out of the future to it. On 'true' it says whether a balloon in the machine is there, on 'zero' it is not. On 'true' the machine immediately sticks a needle into the balloon.

The Dopfer experiment is interesting, the only way out of the above reasoning is to see if God keeps the universe in a consistent state. Otherwise, given time delay in the order of nanoseconds and an optical switch which switches between two (Heisenberg) observers in opposite states in the Dopfer experiment, you can derive a paradox. I.e., measure a particle below and derive in which of the two Heisenberg detectors the above particle should end up, use the switch to let it end in the wrong detector. Then again, I don't understand anything of Quantum Theory.

More interesting would be, of course, if we build the machine, let it switch between two states: coherence or not, and it either gives coherent or nonsensical behavior.

This thought train should end. Guess the Dopfer experiment is flawed, I don't know ****, or the theory is just incomplete and every physicist and his/her dog knows that. Btw, people like John Cramer are trying to build a phone on the Dopfer experiment, so far there is no result.